Pastor & elders

keith moore


Keith Moore is the Pastor of Peyton Community Church.  He started serving as Associate Pastor in 2014 and then became Youth Group Leader in the following year.  In October of 2019,  Keith was voted in as Pastor.  Keith has a Masters in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary.  He is happily married to Elisabeth, and has a son (Justin), and a daughter, son-in-law and a grandson (Janelle, Matt and Henry). 

cliff humprey


Cliff is an Elder at Peyton Community Church.  He has been a strong believer in the signs and wonders the Holy Spirit imparts to the church.  He leads classes on the gifts of the Spirit and the Healing Prayer Service.

mike sorensen


Mike is an elder at Peyton Community Church.  He has also been very instrumental in rebuilding and repairing structural components of the church buildings providing much needed guidance.  He continues to provide ongoing consultation as the church grows.  He faithfully serves communion and receives the offering weekly. 

charlie summers


Charlie is an Elder at Peyton Community Church. He faithfully serves communion and gives inspiration into the scripture readings each Sunday morning.